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After years of being torn between love, faith and family, a young woman returns home to face her greatest fear, herself.

When eight year old Jo, a sprightly, fearless little girl loses her mother to cancer, she clings to the church and her family to get through these troubled times. Now a young woman with big dreams, Jo is a role model at her University. But she harbors a deep secret. She finds herself falling in love with Indy, a girl she?s paired up with for a school project. Jo knows her relationship with Indy could cut her off, not only from her family but also from the God she was raised to believe in. Trapped between her self-identity and fulfilling the expectations of those around her, Jo and Indy flee to California.

After three years, Jo realizes she can?t keep running away from her fears. She chooses to return home for her brothers wedding where she must face her family and reconcile her faith. With the help of an unlikely mentor, she finds the strength that will ultimately set her free.

Based on true events, "Cocoon Crash" is a coming of age drama about a young woman finding her answers on a path to self-discovery, her own emergence from the cocoon. It's a story about family, faith, but ultimately it's a love story that any-one can relate to.

Kathleen was inspired to write this film when she realized that conflict over religious beliefs contribute to gay suicide. She hopes to spread a positive message to save lives.